Sunday, February 13, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 6

This week I made an effort to take more pictures of her. I can already see her growing from day 1 this year. I'm trying to do a better job of catching a variety of her expressions because I want to remember them all.

Day 41 was so cold, we had a fire going and I was dying to take photos of her in a new hat I ordered from a sweet lady named Mary Sue (only $10).

I bought a new toy for my camera. Which made it easier for me to take photos indoors, so I'm not rushing to have a photo shoot outside before the sun goes down. I only used one photo from my iPhone this week. I also made a special effort to think of a variety of special things I want her to know. From scriptures I love to advice I could use myself. My favorite is hard to choose this week but I'd probably say it's day 37.
First time I captured her two teeth on camera