Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a wee bit excited

You know how it’s fun to add things to your to-do list after you’ve already done it, just so you can cross it off? It’s just as fun—if not more so—to do that with a bucket list. I’m transforming my old “baby bucket list” into a “before I die bucket list” and adding “Flash Mob” to my group of must dos.

Funny thing is, we’re going to be in one today.

“We? Who’s going to be in one with you,” you ask. “Surely not your husband.”

Heck no, Lil’ J and I are going to be flash mobbing it up doing chants and dancing with other moms and their babies at Whole Foods.

I hardly ever step foot in that place. It’s too expensive. But I along with a dozen or so other moms are going to pretend like we’re shopping and join in on the dancing and singing with our babies when we hear the cue. My yoga instructor organized this, and we’re expecting a pretty good turnout.

I’m working all day but I’m planning my lunch break around this so I’ll grab a meal at the salad bar right before the routine kicks off, or right after, and have some fun in between. My husband is meeting me there with Lil’ J and hopefully a video camera (he promised) so I’ll be sure to YouTube and post the success (of failure) after.

Wish us luck!

*Update!!* It SNOWED! So the flashmob is getting rescheduled. Now I can officially add this to my list cause we MUST be in one!

If you haven’t seen a flashmob before here’s an example. Though don’t expect ours to look like this, this is the funniest one I’ve ever seen.