Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping Snack Time Interesting

When it comes to food, I like to keep things interesting. I like to try new foods and flavours all the time to offer my girls a wide variety of tastes and at to keep from getting bored of cooking the same old thing. I struggle with keeping snack time interesting though.

Snack time is unique in that the food consumed needs to be quick and easy and sometimes portable. Add healthy into the mix and things get tricky. While my girls would be happy if they could just eat crackers at every snack, I try and push the fruits and veggies at each snack time.

I was recently introduced to Baby Gourmet. It was recommended by a friend and then I was contacted to try it by the company and see how we liked it. While it is geared towards younger children I thought I'd give it a try as the girls like applesauce, it is healthy and it is easy to take on the go.

I was very excited to receive our box and even more excited when I saw the flavours they had sent us. With flavours such as Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, Tropical Banana Bliss and Sweet Potato Pie my mouth started watering! I opened up the Apple Crisp one first and was delighted to find that it actually tasted like Apple Crisp and had the texture of Apple Sauce. It was a hit with the girls! Juliet liked eating it out of a bowl with a spoon and Ainsley enjoyed eating it directly out of the spout! Yay, we can add a new portable snack item to the list!

Even the vegetable fruit combos were very well received and of course had to taste it and it was blended very well. These are also great to add to smoothies or yogurt for great flavour and to up my veggie and fruit intake.

Overall, I was very happy with the product and the packaging was great! I am excited to have a new healthy snack option to offer my kids.