Monday, March 21, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 11

I love her more and more every day and can't wait to share these with her. I already am in a way, but someday I hope she can look back and appreciate these words of wisdom and photos I've captured for her.

I appear in two photos this week and realized a little late that we're posing almost the exact same way. Self-portraits suck the creative juice out of me. I'll try harder next time.

I love my daughter's eyes and captured the best photo of one of my favorite expressions of hers. Wide-eyed. She reminds me so much of her dad with that look. Everyone always comments on her "big eyes" which is the first thing I noticed about her dad when I met him.

I'm starting to get myself into trouble not editing them all the night they were taken, a couple of these I may have jumbled up the order, but they're all this weeks photos. My favorite is probably Day 77 (or 74).

Thanks for letting me share these with you. And thanks for your suggestions of advice for her! I've put them on my list and I'll for sure be using them. Keep 'em coming!