Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Preschool-Shop 'til You...Co-op

(This will be my last post about preschool for a while, I swear.)


Way back when we were first looking at preschools (ages ago, in January), my online activity became almost entirely focused on searching for information about schools. The Web sites all started to look the same. The curriculum guides, "Parents' Corners," and Comic Sans began to blend together.

One site that stood out - and not just for its lack of godawful fonts - was the homepage for a local co-op preschool. The descriptions of the programs and activities made me wish I could go there. (Oh, wait - it's co-op, so I sort of could.) And the school was definitely in our budget. Moreso than anything else I'd found.

The only problem? The registration deadline was the next day.

I thought briefly about calling the school and trying to schedule a tour that same day, but even if the school could accommodate us on such short notice, first-trimester fatigue was making it hard to hurry off to anywhere. So I debated. I agonized. I called Rob. And then I sent the school and application form and a check, sight unseen.

With so few open spots and a next-day deadline, I figured why not? And then I promptly forgot about it the whole thing. (And shortly afterwards, I decided very deliberately to forget about the whole preschool thing altogether.)

And then the check cleared. And we received a postcard telling us Westley is enrolled for fall. Welcome to Preschool!

* * *
We still haven't visited the school, which seems a little nuts. But then I remember that I applied to college having never visited the campus or spoken to any current students or alumnae, which seems even more nuts. And that worked out spectacularly well. So I'm hoping this will be turn out to be a good thing also. And I guess if it's not, I might actually be able to do something about it. That's what a co-op is all about, right?