Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tutus Galore {and Giveaway}!: What I'm Making Monday

What I'm Making Monday
When I found out I was having a girl I knew I was in trouble. KNEW I was in trouble. I've been the most prissy little thing on the block practically from birth myself. My mom taught me well, and I plan to do the same with my little one.

Now tutus are great. I never was a ballerina (pigeon toed plies don't work) but I loved to dress like one. Even if that meant tights under bathing suits, I did what it took. However, I don't recall having a tutu. My daughter won't have that problem. And neither will yours!

I was on Twitter one day rambling about wanting to buy a tutu at an affordable price when someone directed me to this tutu tutorial.

Wow, seriously, is it that freaking EASY?!


I went to Hobby Lobby and bought two rolls of tulle.. The ones that are 25 feet by 6in for $2.99 each. THIS made it WAY easier. The tutorial doesn't mention these things!

I also bought a roll of elastic for under $2.

Cut the elastic. I measured it to be about 6-8 inches I believe using some other of Spawnie's clothing to gauge how wide to make it (waist size). It also stretches out a couple of inches after you add the tulle so be aware of that.

I stitched it together with my sewing machine. It's not working well right now but it was able to hang in there and stitch a half and inch back and forth for me in about 15 seconds.

All I had to do was cut the tulle twice the length I wanted it to be on the skirt.

Then loop the tulle around the elastic like so...

I wasn't a boyscout so I'm not sure the exact name of this knot but it's EASY! Just loop it under the elastic and pull the tulle through the other side. Doesn't matter which way the knot sits cause you can turn it before pulling it tight.

Do that over.

And over, and over!


The only baby I had to model it at the time was a boy :( Don't worry, his parents knew this was for a project of mine, plus he loved it too! He's one so I think it can fit from infant up to about a one year old!

You can also add ribbon and flowers and fun things to them if you want. Mix and match the colors or make them solid colors, HAVE FUN with it!

*** NO SEW TIP***
If you don't want ANY sewing at all (cause of the elastic step in the beginning) you can use RIBBON instead. Satin ribbon works great, but make it EXTRA LONG so you can tie a pretty bow once it's on your little princess. Tie the tulle around the ribbon the same way as shown earlier then tie it around your little girl when it's all done! No sewing needed!!

The 2 rolls of tulle made two matching tutus so I gave one to a friend (with a baby girl) and Spawnie has the other waiting for her! I can't wait to show you another photo with her in it! Overall that cost me about $8 for two tutus... Not bad right?

THEN I went CRAZY and bought TONS of tulle on Ebay... TONS. Here's my tulle drawer And that's not all of it cause it was just 50% off at Hobby Lobby and I got 3 more rolls. Most of the tulle I bought on ebay was the same roll size (it cuts down on cutting SO MUCH) and I got several for about $1 and free shipping! So I've been making my little girl tutus for under $2 now and Spawnie has a collection of ooh, I think about 8 tutus so far. I've taken a break from tutu making to finish her room etc, but once I'm done I'll be back to upping her collection!

And now you can make some too!

Don't have time or patience to make you own tutu? I recommend Cutie Patutus! They have the most ADORABLE selection of tutus that are so elaborate I couldn't even begin to figure out how to make!

Next tutu I make for Spawnie I'll make a matching one for one of you to win! I usually have enough tulle for two but she doesn't need two duplicates, SO one of my blog followers who leaves a comment will be entered to win a matching tutu of Spawnie's! Colors not yet determined but I promise they'll be cute.
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