Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Potty Training - Pull-ups

I bought pull-ups for my daughter about 6 months ago as recommended by her nursery school teacher. She had been going into the bathroom at school and trying to pull down her pants as she was watching what the older kids were doing. She wore them once at school and that was it for a long time. Every few days I would ask her if she wanted a pull-up or a diaper and everytime it was "No pull-up mommy. Diaper."

This went on for months and then last weekend we visited some friends in Milton and Ainsley and her friend Hannah watched "Elmo's Potty Time". As soon as it was over both Ainsley and Hannah spent the rest of their time together in the washroom bare bottomed trying to go potty. When we got home I asked Ainsley if she wanted to wear her pull-ups and she hasn't looked back.

This is a good thing as at least we are talking about potty training. However, she is only passingly interested in the potty and she refuses to wear a diaper at night and the wet pull-up wakes her up. Fun times.

Ainsley is a very opinionated toddler and I know there is no point in pushing her when it comes to potty training. I know that one day she will come to me and tell me she is ready. Until then, at least we've taken one step towards that day and we will just have to put up with a middle of the night wake up every now and then.