Sunday, September 20, 2009

Merto Baby Cards: March of Dimes Sponsor #1

A few days ago I was hoping the excessive bloating in my stomach was a sign I was with-spawn. A couple days following I learned that wasn't the case and I was overwhelmed with disappointment. ... And a little surprised by my own discouragement. But you have been so kind. I worried expressing my honest feelings about just a short time of trial and "error" that those who have experienced much (much) worse would be annoyed by my inpatients. Instead, people have been so kind and encouraging, and the one piece of advice I think I've heard more than anything else is "RELAX"... Yea, easier said than done. But I'm TRYING!

Last month I was excited, not nervous or stressed. This time I've been more anxious. People tell me "don't think about it." And a week ago my response would have been "HA!" But the past couple of days, I can honestly say it hasn't been on my mind... Not nearly as much. Turning my mind to March of Dimes has truly taken my focus and put it on something good and positive.

I'm blown away. Completely blown away! In 24 hours we more than half-way passed my month-long goal to raise $300. So I've upped it. I know it's a big goal but seeing the generosity that's already pouring in, I think we can do it.

I'm still getting emails from people wanting to chip in and donate products to be raffled, and the list of things that we'll be giving away is over 30 items and all totalling more than $1000.

To further acquaint you with the items that are up for grabs I'm going to introduce you to the generous sponsors individually, and tell you more about who they are, and what you'll be winning. I'll feature one or two of them a day.

The first woman I want to introduce you to is the woman behind Metro Baby Cards.
Christina Butorac is the owner/designer of Metro Baby Cards - a modern photo birth announcement, invitation, holiday card and stationery business that she began in 2005 after the birth of her daughter. Having worked for years as a designer, she could not find modern photo announcements at a reasonable price anywhere online... So she decided to make her own.

After many positive comments from friends and family, she decided to sell her designs online. She says she never intended for her announcement designing hobby to become her 'full time job', but the business took off. So she stopped looking for an office job, and focused her attention on growing her business and staying home with her daughter.

She is married to Mountain (that is his real name!) and they have 2 girls - a 4-year old named Amelia and a brand new 4 month old baby named Lily. Just look at some of her work:Hopefully it won't be too long until I'm needing one of these ;)

I loved getting to know Christina and she's donating her talents to this wonderful cause! I admire her passion and creativity, and just look at what she's done!! Her website is gorgeous, and she now has the ability to work from home and spend more time with her children! ...Talk about win win!

Speaking of winning... You can win too! She's offered to donate a set of 25 Halloween cards to a donor of the free drawing! You'll also get free shipping! This is over a $50 value!

I looked in her holiday section and was just oogly-eyed over these cute cards. I can't wait until I have a little one to dress up and take trick or treating! I even contemplated dressing Snoop up and sending out some of these cards with his picture in it.
Here are a few of my favorites:Check out her site to see them all! There are TONS more! And if foreveryone who donates $10 to the March of Dimes fundraiser, I'm giving you a chance to win these for free (you're donating, not "buying" or "gambling for" these, but I want to do something for the generous donors so I'm giving away prizes). Paypal is only associated with donations, NOT with the drawing. Questions about the drawing? email babymakingmachine{at}
I'm happy to say that 100% of the money raised is going to March of Dimes... A great charity that helps educate mothers, so we can bring more healthy babies in this world!

You can donate by clicking the "chip in" button to the right or by clicking here. (Paypal is ONLY associated with the donations.)

That's just one sponsor. And at 8pm CST I'll introduce you to our next sponsor, who is donating a gift card to her adorable shop for children!

To see the complete list of sponsors (more than 30 and $1000 worth of free prizes) click here.