Monday, September 7, 2009

My weekend alone with Juliet

For the first time since Juliet was born, I had the opportunity to spend the whole weekend alone with her. Brett and Ainsley went up to the cottage and so I was a parent of an only child again.

Boy, is having one child easy. I had forgotten what it felt like to only have to focus on one little person. So Juliet and I went on walks to get coffee. We had a girls night in and I actually got chores done and the house did not look like a disaster zone.

Nights were tougher as I never sleep well when I'm by myself in the house despite our alarm system. I have an active imagination and I'm a bit of a worrier.

All in all we had a peaceful weekend together and Juliet started to crawl!!!

I definitely missed Ainsley. She called me each night and told me about her day. Thankfully she is getting old enough to be able to sustain a fairly decent phone conversation. I was very happy to see her upon her return today and I gave her TONS of hugs and kisses.

I think its important to spend quality one-on-one time with each child as they are both unique and deserve the undivided attention. I will definitely be planning more Juliet and Mommy days and Ainsley and Mommy days soon.

As a side note, I need a Mommy day!!! That's my next step. I'm thinking of an over night spa day once I have weaned Juliet. Ahhh....sleeping in....I have forgotten what that feels like.