Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waiting Waiting Waiting...

I'm drying my tears, and moving on...
Only two weeks of this. I don't think it's as bad as I imagined it would be. Probably because I'm only in... Oh, about the fifth day of the wait. And it's my first time EVER experiencing this. I think I was already wondering if I was pregnant before I even ovulated. (By the way... If words like "ovulated" and "Aunt Flow" and "Baby Makin'" weird you out you may want to stop reading my blog for awhile.)

Anyway, I'm still trying to adjust to this "new" stage of life I'm in. I'm no longer having the constant questions of "do I want a kid right now?... Really? Am I REALLY ready for this? There's no turning back once..."

Now it's more like "OMG, I had better not stand too close to the microwave in case I'm pregnant!"

It didn't take much for people at work to start to get suspicious. Instead of coming in with french fries every day (although I'm told they can't permanently harm a fetus) I'm coming in with veggies, rice, beans, pineapple juice (thanks to one of you who told me it helps with conception) and LOTS of water.

"Preparing for a baby?" One of my suspicious friends asked me.
"No," I squeamishly replied. "Just trying to be healthier." I could see the word "SUUUURE" spreading across her face.

I have found a few things to keep me occupied (isn't is sad I need this when I've only been TTC for a week?).

TwoWeekWait.com: It rocks my socks. There are two things in particular that I like to look at one that site. 1. Pregnancy tests. Yes, good 'ol pee sticks.

People post pictures of their pee sticks starting after ovulation and show how the second line appears and gets darker and darker as the days go by. There are also an evaporation line examples so you can tell if it's a false positive.

2. There is also this forum on there that is called "Early Pregnancy Symptoms" and it has pretty much is sure to be the death of me. From things like "sore boobies" to "sneezing".. Yes sneezing, now I'm constantly analyzing every body twinge, ache and tickle. But it's also fun to read. When I'm wondering if I'm pregnant and I have some down time I'll go to that site and read the stories of women who wrote down every little detail that they thought were "early symptoms" from when they finally got their BFP (big fat positive!). There are SO many stories and it makes me feel like it's possible, and it'll happen when it's suppose to!

Another thing that's helped me through this wait is my reading materials, especially my Fertility Journal, I got from Conceive. It's a great book that I write in every day with my temperatures, if I take them, what I'm feeling, eating, everything like that... And I think it will help with comparing (false) symptoms month to month. It also helps the days go by a little faster, and every page has interesting facts about trying to conceive. I really think this is a great tool for anyone who's trying to get pregnant!

There's also a forum on My Conceive that I love for women in all stages of TTC. I usually hang out in the "just starting out" section. There's a lot of women there going through the EXACT same things, feeling the same emotions... It's nice to get it all out in a sort of "anonymous" setting.

I'm also really intrigued and about to try Circle+Bloom. Apparently it's an audio track that is suppose to help create a mind/body connection to help change your body an relieve stress. There are 28 recorded sessions to listen to daily during your whole cycle. Worth a try right? I'll let you know how it goes.

Twitter, and my blog has also helped a little. Knowing that a lot of you have been through, are going through or will go through the same things as me helps A LOT!

At some times during the day I'm thinking "am I pregnant" ALL the time. And other times I'm not even thinking about it. I'd have to say most of the time I am though. Not stressing over it, just wondering. I wish I could know NOW.

What do you/did you/ will you do, to help cope with the longest (monthly) two weeks of your life?