Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Site Focuses on Helping Small Businesses Breakthrough the Internet Noise

I was on one of my mom entrepreneur networking groups and found this new site. Tweet-A-Day Giveaway promotes giveaways for free to help small business grow.

Tweet-A-DayGiveaway.com sends out a daily email and daily tweet on giveaways is targeting the need of micro, small and medium businesses to breakthrough the internet “noise” by offering an easy way to get their promotional giveaways listed and out to the public.

Tweet-A-DayGiveaway.com is unique from other giveaway sites and blogs because it drives traffic to the company’s site not just the promoter’s site. Tweet-A-Day does not manage the giveaway or ask visitors to enter to win on their site like other giveaway sites do. Tweet-A-Day sends visitors directly to the site of the company offering the giveaway. Doing this brings more traffic to the company’s’ site. In addition, the company doing the giveaway does not have to send in the product for “review”.

Tweet-A-Day founder, Gina Robison-Billups, recognized the need for this service when she was promoting her own giveaway for MomsMakingaMillion.com. It was very difficult to find sites to contact. The submission links for most of them didn’t work, and their promotion of the giveaways just drove traffic and comments to their own sites, not hers. In addition, Moms Making a Million didn’t have a product to review with a picture because it’s a service. Service providers are left out in the cold when it comes to giveaway promotional opportunities.Tweet-A-Day Giveaway is also free. There are no advertising fees for posting giveaways, and no shipping of free products for review – a practice that has been recently scrutinized for tax implications and conflict of interest issues.The program is still in its beta phase, but the first week has seen real results. The Tweet-A-Day giveaways were re-tweeted to 12,000 twitter-ers in it’s first week of operation, and many of the companies offering giveaways have reported results and sign ups.

Visitors wanting to receive daily giveaways through email or Twitter can register alerts through http://www.tweet-a-daygiveaway.com/ or at http://www.twitter.com/tweetgive

About Tweet-A-DayGiveaway.com
Pure, simple, free, and easy promotion – Tweet-A-DayGiveaway.com gives small business a place to promote their giveaways and to breakthrough the internet noise.
Media Contact: Gina Robison-Billups, tweetgive@gmail.com

Check them out. Great concept. I will definitely be following.