Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogher With a Baby? Bad Idea?

This time last year I was having a blast blogging. Intrigued by all of the opportunities and women I was meeting, it was a hobby I couldn't get enough of.

I had heard so much hype over Blogher and heard about a contest The Blogrollers were having to win a seat in their car sponsored by Chevy going up there. With my husband's reluctant participation I made a video and won the contest! And a free trip to Blogher (that was the only way I was going causes there was no way hubs was gonna let me spend money on a blogging trip).

I had fun, I met a lot of people. Did I make any life-changing connections... No, if that's ever been the case I think I've done most of that online... Which is sort of the point of blogging/social media. Did I learn how to make my blog totally awesome?... No. Did I learn how to make lots of money off my blog... No (and by the way I think that's because most people just DON'T make money from their blog). Sure, maybe I learned a little about branding, and networking, but sometimes all of the work can take the fun out of it.

Blogging is a hobby to me, and I enjoy the writing and interaction portion the most out of it all, but I've been blessed with fun opportunities along the way. If I feel myself starting to get stressed over my blog I try to back up and re-evaluate things. A blogger who's trying too hard is a turn-off to me. You've just gotta do your thing and have fun! SEO (search engine optimization)... Who cares? Write a catchy title that brings me in!

That said... I had a lot of fun at Blogher. I didn't know many people when I arrived but I met a lot of ladies, and just had a blast at this girlfriends-gettaway type event. The jam-packed workshops about marketing and improving stats weren't as interesting to me as the ones about writing and staying true to yourself. I think this next year I'll know more women and it would be fun to put a voice and real face with people I've connected with online, plus I know more where I fit in and what I'm interested in learning about now that I'm more established with my blog.

First things first... Once again I'm not going unless I'm sponsored. I haven't given up hope but things aren't looking pretty at the moment.

Part of it is perfect... I'll be on maternity leave, and I've never been to NYC. I've always wanted to go, and what better time? The down side... Spawnie will only be about 6 weeks old if she comes on or around her due date. It's pretty young for a new baby. It'll be my first time traveling alone with her, and I'll still sorta be riding on training wheels when it comes to being a mom. Breastfeeding, 24/7 babysitting, all of that will still be new.

Last year there were LOTS of women at the conference with babies, many of them had them carried around in slings and wraps, or popped on the boob. I know it CAN be done but I'm back and forth with if I can do it... If I'd even want to or if I'd just drive myself insane.

My mom's offered to watch her if I want to go but I'm not going to do that. I don't want to be away from her while I have time off to spend with her. Plus what's she gonna eat? She says she'll be too young to take with me, and maybe that's true, but I'm still thinking about it.

I'll need friends nearby, that's for sure. Women who know me and are willing to help me out and be there if I have a breakdown or if I'm totally confused about something. I've already talked with some people who say they'd love to meet Spawnie there, but I also don't want to be a burden.

I also don't know if I'm going to be one of those germophobe moms who doesn't want anyone near my baby. I'm not like that now, so I don't think I'll do a 180 but you never know.

Is it crazy to travel with a baby that young... To New York City? Are you going to Blogher? If you saw me in New York partying it up with an infant would you help me out or shake your head and call DPS?