Monday, March 29, 2010

I Think They Call This Nesting

It’s 3:47 in the morning right now and I’m writing this why? I’m not sure. All I know is my brain is running a million miles a minute and I can’t slow down. It’s like I’m on crack… But I’m not. And I swear I don’t know what that’s like from experience—Really, it’s just an example.

I’ve made myself a “to-do list” for my days off. Actually, list isn’t the right word. I should call it a schedule. Yes… A “to-do schedule.” I’ve found I can write 20 things on a list and only do five because I loose track of time and don’t get to everything. Then, next thing I know my workweek has started again and I’m kicking myself for STILL not setting the dang crib up!

I think they call this nesting.

I’m organizing my craft area, hanging up baby clothes, and sewing tutus, dresses, baby legs… And anything else I can find a simple tutorial for that belongs on a child between the age of 0-12 months.

I want to rearrange all of my kitchen cabinets... Not the doors but the stuff in them. I don't like where anything is and we need space for bottles and bottle cleaners. I found random things like flashlights and other electronics in one cabniet. WHY?! My husband put them there... That's not a good place, I must rearrange it NOW!

I’m planning my work schedule. How many days off do I have left before my daughter is born? How many stories can I produce and save to air while I’m gone? How much overtime is this going to cost me now? Can I handle it?—OF COURSE I CAN! Next!

Blogging. Three blogs and a guest blog… Not counting the family blog I neglected months ago. How many posts can I write in a day to make my editors happy? How many posts can I write in a day so I don’t have to write any for another two weeks? Then there’s more time for tutu making. Ooh.. Maybe a post ABOUT tutu making. I think I remember reading something on the NY Times about getting 28,549 hits on posts about tutu making.

I responded to several emails I’ve been neglecting for days... Ok maybe weeks. A sweet girl from church—my visiting teacher—wants to visit with me. I wrote her back too.

My baby girl is kicking me because she’s a night owl too… But I’m supposed to be asleep. She’s wondering why the lights are on… She can tell they’re on now you know.“Hang out with my husband.” That’s on my list. Not because I’d forget or anything, but just a reminder. I penciled him in on my schedule from 1:15-3:30pm. After that he’s going to help me clean the upstairs… Again. Usually I’m the one helping him, but I WANT to clean. I do. I wrote it on my list!

I wrote “eat” on my schedule too. It’s sad but sometimes I forget.

It’s 4:01am now. Writing this post wasn’t on my schedule because I was suppose to be in bed three hours ago. I forgot to put “sleep” on my list. That’s important too. People keep telling me I should enjoy it now. But it’s hard because I’m also enjoying this thing called “nesting.”