Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Little Ladybug, We're in For Some Good Times

Dear Ladybug,

Time is flying by now. I feel like just a few weeks ago I was writing my first letter to you, now I'm already more than two thirds of the way through meeting you.

Sometimes it doesn't even feel like you're real. I feel you kicking and moving but it doesn't always sink in that a person--You--are really in there.

But you are. And you weigh almost 2 pounds and are about 14 1/2 inches long with your legs extended. You're sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing your eyes, and maybe even sucking your fingers.

You aren't even close to full term but if you were born now your lungs would be develped, and with help you'd be ok! Don't try anything crazy though, keep cooking!

I've noticed this week some tiny rhythmic movements of yours, not as strong as your kicking, so I think they're your hiccups. It's really cute. I'm still trying to get you moving around on camera! It's a treasure I hope to preserve.
(photo by Baby Center)
When I see little newborn babies I get all teary-eyed thinking about what you'll be like. Thinking that I'm ACTUALLY going to have a child, a daughter. It's hard to wrap my brain around.

I hope I'm a good mom. I hope I can teach you the important things in life and that we'll have a good relationship. It's hard for me to think about you and how I want to raise you without imagining you being in my shoes 24 years from now.
Time flies little one. It seems like I was a little girl not too long ago and now I'm having my own! I don't even want to think about the next 25 years going by as fast! It's scary thinking about being the mother of a teenager, or eventually another adult. But I can't dwell on it that way. I should really just slow down and take things day by day.

I do want to tell you though that I know we'll run into some hard times. Everyone does. But we'll get through them. There may be times I wonder why I chose to become a mom when I did, but know that I feel so sure about you coming at the right time. This is right!
I'm afraid there will be times I have no idea what I'm doing... Like today when I was making the curtains for your room. But that's ok, we'll learn and grow together.

I love you baby girl. And I'm so excited to meet you!


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