Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Picking a Glider for the Nursery

Since we started decorating our nursery, we debated, like many parents, whether we should buy a Glider. With our nursery not being huge, and again, like many parents, watching the budget, you try to decide what are wants vs needs. We really sought a lot of advice from friends and even strangers, who were really amazing at giving their 2 cents to us. About 99% of people who gave us advice, without hesitation said "Get a Glider". Moms told us that Gliders were helpful for feedings and calming baby, so we decided it was well worth the investment. So then it was, which Glider to choose.

I fell in love with a few styles and manufacturers of Gliders, but the ones that stood out for me, were a line from Best Chairs in their StoryTime Series. What I personally really liked was that the chairs look like beautiful pieces of furniture, that I can move, one day, somewhere else in our house.

Aren't they gorgeous? And I was pretty excited when Dear-Born confirmed that they did carry this line of chairs (So not only did I find an awesome chair, I get to do a fun blog post about it for you!) So again, it pays to ask, just like I did about my crib. :)

So, what did we pick?
I ended up going with the RENA Style of chair (Top Middle) for its clean lines, and smaller frame. We picked a beautiful fabric called Buckwheat (not shown above) from the swatch book that was at Dear-Born.

Here are my 2 tips on working a Glider into a Nursery....

I brought a sample of the carpet from the nursery to make sure that the colours all matched. The women at Dear-Born were super helpful at flipping through the book with me explaining the benefits of each fabric style, and we narrowed it down to Buckwheat.

DETERMINING IF THE SIZE WILL WORK We did our research before ordering, and used the product dimensions on Best's Website to tape out on the nursery floor, the "footprint" of where the glider would go. Remember, Gliders come in different shapes and sizes!

And so, I now await my glider. It took me awhile to come to the decision to buy one, but I'm really excited to have a spot in the nursery where I can be with baby. :)

Rena Chair by Best, Available at Dear-Born Baby
$749.99 CDN
Call, or visit the store for fabric samples

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