Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things That Drive Me Nuts

I thought since everyone else in the world--Or at least this country I live in, is taking the time to say what they're thankful for, I'd take the time to share the things that drive me nuts. We know how I like to go against the grain.

1. The guy driving behind me who decides he wants to go around, then FLIES past me, only to stop at the red like ahead. Why speed up to stop? I don't get it.

2. The "Natural" marketing phenomenon and the fact that I'm buying into it. Case in point? I'm hooked on natural Cheetos. Sure, they're not dyed orange. But does that mean that my eating a bag of them by myself every other day is good for me? No. Last I checked Cheetos don't grow on trees.

3. Automatic toilets/faucets/paper towel dispensers: These things tend to do the opposite of what you want them to do. You sit on the toilet and it flushes, then when you stand up it does nothing. The gross thing is when it flushes while you're sitting you feel the wetness of water and Lawd knows what else. Put the handle back on the toilet so I can flush it with my foot.

On to the sinks... I get my hands all soapy, and wave it under the faucet and nothing. Just when I'm pulling my hands out to try another sink it turns on, but doesn't stay on long enough for me to rinse off the soap. Of course there's no other way to turn the water on so your forced to look like an idiot while you play peekaboo with the face bowl.

4. Facebooks constant revamping: Just when I get my Facebook privacy settings figured out, and get my updates situated the way I like, they come out with another "new" Facebook. I also don't like how the "like" option has made everyone lazy. Why take the time to tell you that picture you just posted of your Thanksgiving turkey looks absolutely scrumptious when I can just lift my finger and push "like."

5. New toilet paper rolls: I shred a good fourth of the roll trying to get the thing going because of the sticky stuff at the beginning.

6. Mullets

8. Having to pretend like I know the actor/artist/movie a friend is referring to when really I haven't a clue who that is.

They go on saying "you know, they were in... And the song goes like..." instead of saying no, I go "oh yea!" when really I haven't a clue. This saves them from having to continue on their list of refreshers when I know it's not going to help.

9. My belly fat. Or skin. Or whatever it is that's left hanging over my jeans.

10. Loosing the drawstring on my pants/hoodie in that little hole. I pull it out of the dryer and noticed it got sucked in! I'm never getting that back out.

And this little one NEVER drives me nuts. She's a perfect little angel! ... Can you taste the sarcasm dripping from that statement? Good.
Despite her driving me nuts from time to time, I am thankful for her, and my husband and even Snoop, who obviously can make me a little nuts.
Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you wondering, I ordered Lil' J's Thanksgiving tunic dress and hairbow custom from Sumo's Sweet Stuff $20 (I know, it's nuts!)