Thursday, November 25, 2010

Celebrating the Gift of Communication...for all children, of all abilities...everywhere!

Who? Parents, teachers, librarians, speech language pathologists, early childhood educators and their children. We'll be counting the number of children involved, the number of locations and event the number of countries involved.

If you'd like to organize a WeeHands Challenge in your community on December 7th, please email: You don't have to be a WeeHands Instructor to organize a challenge in your area!

The WeeHands Challenge? Groups across North America will organize and meet in their own communities to sign and sing this year's song "This Little Light of Mine". This is a free event for families, teachers & children!

This fun event is a challenge for which geographic area (province or state) has the most children signing and sing this year's song at 11am local time.

The Challenge: 11am local time. Some sites will include a few signing parents/caregivers and their children who get together to "be counted" and others are much larger events with live music, speakers, prizes etc.

When? the event will occur across North America on Tuesday December 7th at 11am (local times for each location).

Where? Organizers will seek out and set up their own locations, e.g., libraries, speech clinics, early years centres, community rooms, mall or any other venue. We anticipate that schools and child care centres will also participate.

Why? to celebrate the gift of communication for all children, of all abilities, everywhere! A chance for education and peer support in a fun social way.

Visit the Weehands website for more information: