Friday, December 10, 2010


"I'm starting to doubt this healthy vegan lifestyle," Rob joked through his congestion. "I'm thinking of treating this with low-grade sausage."

I'd say he can't be too sick if he's making jokes, but I think Rob would probably keep his sense of humor even if he were bleeding to death. And having at least one fully-functioning sense of humor in the house is making it much easier to deal with all three of us being sick. Again.

It was clear by yesterday evening that Rob, Westley, and I were all seriously under the weather. I couldn't believe it.

"Didn't we just do this?"

And we did. One month ago. Exactly one month ago. (Thank you, blog archives.)

I just hope this one-cold-a-month thing doesn't become the norm around here. For one thing, a person can only drink so much ginger tea with lemon. And for another, my birthday is about a month from now, and I was looking forward to doing something other than eating soup and napping to celebrate.