Friday, February 4, 2011

Avoiding Diaper Bag Disasters

Sometimes I wonder why my back hurts so bad. Or why I have a cramp in my shoulder....ALL the time. This morning, I did something daring... I emptied out the diaper bag. And all the answers to my questions were answered. Please don't judge me.

Contents of my bag: 2 diapers, changing pad, travel wipes, day planner, cell phone ( not pictured but is always in there), wallet, 6 lipstick/glosses, baby cell phone toy, bathtub toy? fish, giant water bottle, butt paste, hand sanitizer, bib, spoon, band aid, baby poweder, baby lotion, ibuprofen, 2 pacifiers, 4 teething toys, 1 chick-fil-a baby board book, 2 gift card holders, sippy cup full of prune juice, 1 Bummas cloth, ice breaker sours ( doubles as a rattle), gerber puffs, gum, udder cover, coupons to buybuy baby, a sucker, and a pile of project life journaling cards. PHEW!!!

So...this leads to my next question. HOW do you keep your diaper bag organized, still have the things you need, without breaking your back??

Here are a few of my ideas.

1) get travel size wipes. The size in my picture is good, but there is an even smaller size that you can get in the travel section for around 1 dollar that comes with about 16 wipes. You SHOULDN'T need more than that in 1 outing...unless babe is having a bad day!

2) Try to leave out the fluid filled containers ( water bottle/sippy cups.) If you can keep a water bottle in your car, or try and find a drinking fountain wherever you are out, thats going to save you big time on space and weight in your bag. Drinking is important ( especially if you are nursing) so don't do away with this completely. There are even small size Dasani or Fiji water bottles that fit better than something like my GIANT smart water bottle.

3)One lipstick, one chapstick. Period. 6??? Really??

4) clean out the wallet- discard old reciepts and cards. Its amazing what a lighter wallet can do for you.

5) Cut down on the toys. Baby probably really only needs 2 toys to keep him occupied... if all else fails, use the wipes bag. Always works for baby {B}.

6) Write down your things to do on a post it note instead of carrying around a day planner. Mine is so heavy and I definitely notice a huge difference if I leave it out.

Of course, leave the necessities!

Please share your ideas with us! Any extra ideas are always helpful. Now go clean out that bag!