Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saving Money on Diapers

I LOVE coupons. I LOVE a good deal. I especially love a good deal on DIAPERS! I will be honest, cloth diapers never really sounded that appealing to me. Washing poopy cloth diapers, and then washing my husbands dress shirts right after just seems a little bit...well... bleh. But good for people that do it! Our landfills thank you.

But for those of you who ARE paying for diapers, have I got the post for you! I just snagged TWO boxes of 112 diapers Huggies size 4 for 14 CENTS SHIPPED to my door. Not lying, not exaggerating. So how do I do this you ask? Here are my secrets, revealed.

1) Buy your diapers on Amazon. You get big packages, and they ship them to your door. FOR FREE. You dont even have to leave your house people! So what you need to do VERY first is go to your amazon account and sign up for Amazon Mom. By doing this, you will recieve an extra 30% off diapers and wipes and get FREE 2-day shipping. Amazon Mom is a free membership. Click here for Amazon Mom FAQ's.

2) You are now signed up for Amazon Mom. You now need to go to Amazon, log in to your account, and search this: Subscribe and Save diapers. ( what is subscribe and save? Subscribe and save subscribes you to recieving this certain box of diapers every 2,4,6, etc. months or as often as you wish. You are not obligated to continue recieving diapers after you sign up for this, so you MAY cancel this after your first box arrives. You still get the discount for this package.) SO... after you have searched this, a bunch of different diapers will show up from your search result. Next you will click on whichever diapers you want to order. Your end price will vary because all of the diapers are priced differently but we will work with my example, the huggies size 4 little movers. So they started at $33.58 a box. JUST by being an amazon mom member, and signing up for a subscribe and save diaper, your are automatically going to get 30% off this box and free shipping. Which takes my total down to $23.51. **Now, some of you, your deal may end here. Its debatable whether or not this is a good deal for you. I still think this is a better deal than wal mart, plus you dont have to leave your house!

3) ** Here is where the real fun begins. Dont get lost or overwhelmed here, just keep reading! In order to get the discounts you see in the pic above, you need to have access to the coupons that will do this. You need to get your hands on as many of these magazines as possible: Parents, Parenting, Baby Talk, and American Baby. You can get a free subscription to American Baby HERE and a free sub. to Baby Talk HERE. I get them all and have never paid a dime for any of them, just have found links online to sign up for free. If you DONT get these in the mail, you can most definitely find Parents and Parenting at Wal-mart, Barnes and Noble, or other grocery stores with magazines. It is worth it to buy the magazine for a few dollars. These magazines have a small green card inside ( make sure its in there before you buy it) that will give you either 10 dollars off any baby item on Amazon, or 20% off Of diapers on Amazon. SOME of the 20% off coupons can also be stacked...meaning if you have 2 of these coupons and the codes start with different letters, they can both be used, giving you an additional 40% off. Which is what I did above.

SO... here is the run down of my deal: the Huggies started at $33.58. Went down to $23.51 thanks to Amazon Mom and subscribe and save. Used the 10 dollar off baby item from March Parents magazine. Now at $13.51. Used one 20% off amazon diapers coupon(from Parenting Feb. issue) that started with YJ. This took my total down to 6.79. Used ANOTHER 20% off amazon diapers coupon( from Baby Talk-feb issue) that started with YT which took my grand total to $.07.

It is not hard. It is just having access to the right coupons.

So...a few other ideas to help. Lets say you just cant get your hands on these magazines. Then what?

-Ebay. You can actually buy these coupons for a couple bucks each. It is worth spending 2 dollars to save 6 or even 10 dollars.

-Swagbucks: swagbucks is a search engine like Google. Use swagbucks INSTEAD of Google and you earn swagbucks, which can buy you a ton of different items, but my favorite are the 5 dollar amazon giftcards. They cost around 400 sawgbucks and it doesnt take a long time to earn swagbucks if you are using it frequently. Go check it out, its worth it! You can use these giftcards towards diapers.

-Deal forums/saving websites- get in touch with other people who are searching for the same coupons as you, or who would be willing to trade with you. Just yesterday I contacted a lady who had posted on a deal website that she was looking for some Purex coupons and would trade for a 20% off amazon diapers coupon. I emailed her and we made the trade. You just have to know where to look! http://www.thethriftymama.com/ is a great one I check often. Also, http://www.hip2save.com/ is my absolute favorite. You can find those people searching for similar coupons in the comments sections of the posts about baby things like Amazon diaper deals. Also, feel free to comment in this posts comment section! You never know who might have an extra laying around, or would want to trade!

Last questions you might have? How did I get 2 of these boxes? Hubby has an amazon account too! Lots of trading, and lots of searching out for the right magazines.

( Note: You can only use the 10 dollar off coupon once per account, so if you have 2 of these coupons, you need to order from 2 different amazon accounts.)

ALSO- you dont have to use the 10 dollar off coupon on just diapers! There are some Seventh Generation wipes priced around 11 dollars on Amazon, making them only a little over 1 dollar shipped to your door( and you dont need any of the 20 percent off coupons!) This is also a STEAL!!

I hope this wasn't confusing, and that it will save you all a trip to the store, and a good 35 bucks! Happy diaper shopping!


I got all 5 of these boxes for 16 dollars total! This was a few months ago before the 10 dollar coupon came out...but still an amazing deal. It was $3.27 per box!