Monday, February 28, 2011

Snip Snip

I'm sure that pretty much everyone has had a hair trauma in their lives. I've had a few. From seriously crooked bangs to a bad Sun-In experience, we all take a mini leap-of-faith when we step into the hairdressers's chair.

I do love getting my hair cut. I love the freshness and the instant change that comes from a hair cut. I will try anything once and usually tell my hair dresser that "I am in their hands". When it comes to the girls, I am definitely more attached to their hair than I am to my own. Intellectually I know it will grow back and it's only hair. However, when they sit in the hair dresser's chair I have to tamp down my urge to yell "Stop the cutting!" Think of a scene from "What Not To Wear" when the person getting the make-over has a total meltdown before finally accepting that they must cut their four foot long rats nest.

I am not sure why I have this reaction to the cutting of my daughter's hair. I really don't know why the momster in me rears its ugly head at this particular event. It's a good thing the girls are not old enough to want a tattoo as I may just have to lock them in their room to keep them from marring their beautiful skin.

So, at each hair dressing appointment, I tamp down my crazy inner-voice, smile and encourage the girls to have the fun the I have when I change my hair. I want to pass down the freedom that change can give them and the artistic expression one can have with their hair. I think I have done an admirable job as you can see from the pics taken yesterday.