Saturday, March 5, 2011

Etsy Insider: BoosiFoo

So I have decided that once or twice a month I want to highlight a different etsy shop! If you aren't familiar with etsy, it is a website that allows anyone who makes handmade items to sell their stuff online! You can get anything from jewelry, home decor, baby accessories, vintage items, and more! There are so many crafty people that sell on etsy, and today I want to highlight my best friend Angie's shop, BoosiFoo!

From hand-painted picture frames, to perfectly placed button canvases, you can tell just by looking at her items that she spends a lot of time on each product. Seriously, does it get any cuter than this Owl canvas made of an assortment of buttons?? I'm pretty sure it doesn't! This is adorable for your baby's nursery. She is also happy to do any custom animal of your choice!

When I was back in Utah last Christmas, Angie made one of these Christmas countdown blocks calendars for one of our friends. When I saw it, I fell in love and demanded that she make me one too! I asked her to make one to match my kitchen/living room which is in black and white, and she came up with the Black Jack countdown blocks which can be used for ANY event, whether it be a birthday, vacation, graduation, or whatever you just can't wait for! Mine is counting down until {B}'s first birthday! Angie is happy to make custom orders to fit the color scheme of your choice!

I also LOVE these monogrammed magnet boards! They are perfect to place those little daily reminders, photos, coupons, or recipes! Each magnet board comes with 6 hand made glass magnets ( you can also buy just the magnets for only $7.00). You can also tell Angie what color of ribbon you would like so it matches your color scheme.

Go check out her shop! What items do you LOVE???

**If you have an etsy shop and would like me to highlight your shop next, email or leave me a comment with your contact information! I would love to highlight ANY of my readers, and it does not have to be baby or mommy related!