Friday, March 4, 2011

To My Beautiful 8-Month-Old

Darling Daughter,

You are eight months old today, and to celebrate, on the eve of your eight-month birthday you said "Mama" in front of me and your dad. I've heard you say it before but only when you're really tired, or getting angry. I wish you said it when you are happy like you do when you say "Dada."
Rosa Tile Ruffle Twirl Dress c/o Tea Collection; Homemade bow
Your personality is booming. You seem to be smiling most of the time, you are so curious and wanting to get into everything. You don't have any problem with strangers, and enjoy meeting new people.

You love to laugh, and love to play. You would be happiest if we sang and danced all day long.

You started to crawl last week and you are starting to enjoy being put down more than ever. You still like Mommy to hold you, but you don't mind being set down and playing with your toys too. You are also starting to pull yourself up from a sitting position. You aren't real good at it yet but you try.

When I clap and say "Yaaaay!" you clap, smile and yell too. And you are so proud of yourself for doing that. You just started doing that this last week. It's amazing watching you learn.
Wild Child Giraffe Dress c/o Lollipop Moon; Homemade hair bow
You have two teeth and like to use it to chomp and eat whatever food you can get your hands on. I'm still making your baby food but haven't been experimenting with it as much as I should. You love sweet potatoes and bananas. I'd like to experiment more this month and give you more creative meals because I'm sure you'd like it.

I'm finally starting to accept the fact that you're growing. You have two teeth and are getting so tall. In another four months you'll be ONE. That's so insane and a little sad at the same time. It seems like just yesterday I had you and we were lounging around together during my maternity leave. I love every new stage but long for the last. It's sad to think I'll never get these moments back. Never have time alone with my one and only baby girl. So I'm relishing every single moment. Even moments at 1am when you randomly want to play. I don't mind as long as I'm off the next day. It still makes me laugh even if I have work a few hours later.

You still haven't had to use any formula yet and I'm thinking we won't have to now. Breastfeeding is going really well, and now that you're eating more real food, I don't have to pump as much at work to keep up. It's perfect. I never thought we'd be able to make it this far.
Songbird Banded Dress (left) c/o Tea Collection; Campanillas Banded Dress (top right) c/o Tea Collection; Headband:Sumos
I love dressing you up every day. I'm so glad I had you first because girls clothing is the best. It's like I gave up my sense of style and gave it all to you. Every morning I'm home with you I like to pick out your outfit, a matching bow, and if I have time, take a few photos before I go to work. It's funny because people told me not to get you too many clothes but I've realized there's no such thing for me and you. I don't care if you only wear a dress once or twice, it's still worth it to me. Sometimes I even change your outfit halfway through the day just to give you a fresh look and to play dress up.

I feel like I'm ordering you a new outfit almost every day. It's my addiction, but it doesn't feel bad because it's for you, and I am really good about finding good deals. I'm saving them all because I love them so much and someday maybe a little sister of yours can wear them.

Now your hair is also getting a lot longer. I'm having fun styling it and doing different things with it. You look so adorable in pig tails. I think you will have really long hair like your mommy.
Citron Flora Playdress c/o Tea Collection; Hair clippies from Walmart
Every day I wonder what you'll be like when you grow up. I think you are going to be very smart. As your mother it's my job to think this, but I'll humor you with my explanation anyway. You are very aware and alert and have been from day one. You learn things so quickly too. You sign milk now when you want to nurse, instead of crying, and you understand other signs I say to you. I can't wait to see what you learn next.

I just hope we can compromise on things. I can already tell you are learning how to get what you want. I'm not sure when you went from not being capable of being spoiled to being completely used to getting what you want and fussing when you don't, but we're going to work on that.

I've been doing a lot of medical stories lately and every time I see a woman scientist I think about you and wonder if you might be a scientist some day. I wonder what you'll want to be when you grow up. I want you to know you can be anything you want to be. No matter what people say to you about your looks, gender, or anything, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind and heart to, and I've got your back. Set your goals high, write them down, and visit them often. You can do anything.

I love you baby girl, thank you so much for giving me a reason to better myself, and love life even more. We've got some good times ahead.