Saturday, March 12, 2011

Even going to the bathroom is hard

Why do moms always say how hard it is for them to go to the bathroom by themselves? Or take a shower? Seriously, is it that hard to leave your baby outside the bathroom door while you do your business? Yes, yes it is. Not only I can attest to this, so can my poor husband who watches her during the day. Showers and most bathroom breaks are reserved for when I get home and he can pass her on to me. I think this concept is something you can't quite get a grasp of until you're in the situation.

I used to be able to spend my bathroom breaks relaxing. Read a book, play angry birds, whatever. Now each time I take a potty break I'm trying to be faster than the last because just as I'm sitting down it's--STOP, DON'T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH! Or, "It's ok, mommy's coming back" because she can't last 10 seconds without seeing my face.
This love letter earlier this week seemed so fitting because I don't know how many times I've gone to the bathroom only to find myself stranded with no TP. It sucks. And the worst part about it is knowing if only I had noticed the empty roll five seconds earlier I could have grabbed some from the closet.

It's easily resolved when my husband is home. I holler down to him to bring me a new roll. But when he's not home I've got some big decisions to make.

This debilitating circumstance is even worse since having a little one. I'm either racing the clock to relieve myself before she notices I'm gone, or trying to squat and play defense so she doesn't get into something she's not supposed to. It's not fun. And I can't tell you how many times I've resorted to using sheets from the paper towel roll we have sitting in our bathroom. Ouch. But it's better than nothing. Sorta. Why do we have paper towels in the bathroom but but we can't seem to replace the TP roll? Not a clue. I'd blame it on my hubby but I'm just as guilty.

I wonder if I had more toilet paper in my house this wouldn't happen. Right now White Cloud is selling their TP with 50% more, plus you can get $1 off  with this coupon so it averages out to dirt cheap.
I'm joining the White Cloud Roll-Volution because when you've gotta go, you need all the toilet paper you can get. Do any of these TP disasters look familiar? I've fallen victim to all of them, but if they should really add a fifth photo that looks like this...
Because sadly, toilet paper even gets eaten in my house.

Will I ever be able to use the bathroom in peace again? How soon? Five years? Ten years? To those without kids, enjoy your peaceful time on the throne while it lasts.

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