Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Annual Mother-Daughter back to school shopping spree

Yes, Ainsley is 2 1/2 and some may say she is too young for a shopping spree. However, she is so opinionated about what she wears I decided that it might be a good idea to let her pick her new clothes.

We left this morning at around 10am and since we don't get to spend a lot of alone time just the two of us, I decided today would be a special day. We started off going to Tim Hortons for an apple juice and a bagel with cream cheese (her favorite). I had a large coffee of course.

We then headed off to Vaughan Mills, the factory store mecca just outside of Toronto. The Gap had sent me a 30% off coupon so our plan was to hit the Gap and Old Navy. Ainsley's attention span is iffy so I figured two stores would be about the max she could handle. We got to the Gap and she immediately picked out a few dresses (big surprise) but they were summer dresses so I steered her towards the fall clothing. She then picked out a pair of shoes. Dresses and shoes are her must haves. I was able to find a sweater she liked (pink) and a lounge suit (also pink) and we bought the pink shoes she liked and a purple dress.

We then headed off to Old Navy where (big surprise) she picked out pink running shoes and two skirts. I picked out a few tops to go with the skirts. I also picked out a cute little outfit for Juliet.

We then finished off our special day be heading to the Disney factory store where Ainsley picked out two princess dolls and princess pyjamas. Since coming home she has seemed to have forgotten about the princess dolls so I think they will be put away for Christmas. We then went and picked out a treat, Smarties, for the car ride home.

All in all it was a fun and successful day. She and I got to spend some time alone and she got my full attention. As soon as we got home, she put on her new shoes and skirt and is now napping in them.

I hope to do this twice a year with Ainsley and once Juliet is old enough she will get her own special day. I think its important to spend alone time with each of my girls so they get my undivided attention and we can spend some quality time together.

I look forward to the day they are old enough to go on mother/daughter spa days!!