Sunday, October 4, 2009

TTC Update and Another Cutest Baby Contest

I got my first "I miss you" comment.. Ok, well it wasn't exactly like that but it felt nice anyway. Along with raising money for March of Dimes I've also taken a break from my usually TMI blogging. Trust me... I've been going through withdrawals myself, but at the same time it's been a nice break. I'm REALLY not thinking about the stress of it all as much since I'm focusing my energy on something else.

That said, I have A LOT to say. This break has given me a lot of time to think, and has brought a lot more questions to my mind. I don't want to post about them just yet because I don't want them to get lost in the shuffle of all of the features, nor take away from them, so I'll go back to my journal-like posts around the 20th. Who knows though... I could slip in a whine session, or announcement in between, we'll see.

But until then.. expect to see A LOT more features! ... No joke! I'm featuring 30 sponsors in the next two weeks, so that's a couple a day! Tell your friends about it cause the sooner we reach our goal the sooner we can celebrate! Just $1 goes a long way, and you can win a great prize! $15 guarantees you a prize!

But as for my update... Right now I'm just confused about the whole TTC advice thing. 1. I thought Mormons got pregnant easy. I mean, why in the world do they preach on and on about procreating, and make it seem so easy?.. Ok ok, I know it's not but still. With how many times I've had people ask and tell me "when are you having kids?" It's like they expect it to be like "POOF! Pregnant!"

2. Some say "chart chart chart" and others say "just relax, and don't think about it." I don't know how many people have told me the month they stopped "trying" it happened. Huh, interesting, no? But on the other end people rave about "Taking Charge of Your Fertility."

As for me, thinking about it too much... Especially the conflicting messages gives me a headache, so I'm "giving up" a little prematurely. I realized all of the tracking and planning still only gives me a 25% chance from any given month, so why over-analyze? ... I may change my mind tomorrow, but for today, this is the plan. In another 4-10 months I'll see a doctor, but until then, I'm not going to send myself into a pre-midlife crisis.

I have General Conference on DVR since I work on the weekends, if you watched, let me know your favorite talks! I'd love to especially listen out for those!

Also, I'm starting another cutest baby contest! You have until next Sunday at 11:59pm CST to email me your photos (only last time's winners are excluded) to babymakingmachine{at} I'll run it the last week of the fundraiser and it'll end the event with a bang! Anyone who's considered "your baby" can be entered... pets, husbands, older kids, whatever! haha!

The baby boy winner of the contest will win a blog button and an adorable binky clip from CJ's Fine Designs
The baby girl winner of the contest will win a blog button and a mini album of choice from Hampshire Rose Memories.
Features on both shops coming soon!

PS: If you are one of the winners of the first contest please email me your address info!