Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Fashion - Friday

Here it is: The sweater-coat I mentioned on Monday that I wear all Fall/Winter/Spring(/Summer?^) long.


Friday Friday

I bought this sweater when Westley was a baby, mostly because it was big and stretchy enough that I could zip it up over the baby in the baby carrier. And then I never took it off. I wear over my pajamas. I would wear it instead of pajamas if the zippers were slightly less stabby.

Friday Friday
Sorry the photos are so dark. It was cloudy. In my house. Yeah.

Friday Friday
Funky-cozy sweater-coat of awesomeness - Target
Spoon ring - was my mom's!
Black dress - Forever 21, thrifted
Gray T-shirt - Thrifted
Fuchsia! leggings - American Apparel
Bracelet - Crocheted by my mom (thanks, Mom!)
Boots - Thrifted

^I actually did wear this sweater during the summer this year on a couple icy cold July days. Thanks for that, Pacific Northwest.

* * *
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Some of you could grace the pages of Vogue tomorrow. Not kidding.