Thursday, October 28, 2010

Try Cloth Diapers Before You Buy

Are you a cloth diaper skeptic like I am was?

Not sure if cloth diapers are worth the time and not sure if $40 a month is worth the savings?

Not sure if poop is too darn gross to mess with?

Not convinced cloth is that much better than Pampers?

Think cloth diapers are for crunchy weirdos but there's a possibility there's a sleeping crunchy woman inside of you?

Well I used to pretty much feel that way about cloth diapers. There's nothing wrong with going on and doing what you're doing. BUT... If you're willing to awaken that dormant cloth diaper curious woman inside of you and see if cloth diapers could be for you, than listen up!

I really have enjoyed using cloth diapers. So much so that I plan to keep using them. They're one sized and holing up very well, and since we're pretty much adjusted now and feeling a little "greener" for using less trash, we're going to keep it up!
I learned you really can't dog it 'til you try it, and things I thought I'd be totally grossed out about don't seem so gross now. Especially since it's coming from my adorable little baby. Now other people's poop... That's another story!

I totally get the hesitance though. I know how it feels to stare at a $20 diaper and think "what if I hate cloth? Then what am I going to do with it?" You don't want to buy a small stash only to find you hate it and have just wasted $100. I worried I wouldn't have time to sell them all and $20 a pop could buy a case of disposables. I GET IT!

So I wanted to let you know about a few things that could be helpful for you.

1. Jillians Drawers has a program where you can try a whole stash of different kinds of cloth diapers (so you can see which kind you like) for 21 days for only $10. You pay a deposit of about $145, then if you don't like them, send them all back, stains and all and you're refunded $135. You get cash back, not a store credit!

2. Diaper Junction also has a "test drive" program where you can try any of their cloth diaper sets for 30 days risk free. Send them back and get refunded!

3. I'll buy you a starter kit! That's right. Well, for one of you. I'm not rich like Oprah (yet) so I can't give all of my readers a car, or a cloth diaper starter kit for that matter. But I am such a big fan of Sprout Change that I'm going to buy one of my readers who doesn't have ANY cloth diapers a super saver starter kit. You can choose the color and if you want microfleece or organic hemp.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you are skeptical of cloth diapers but why you're willing to try.

I'll post all of the answers in a week (Friday November 5th), and let people vote for their favorite answer. Answers with the top 5 most votes I'll put in a drawing and let Lil' J pull the winner from a hat!

Oh, and promise me if you don't like them that you'll pass them on to someone else who is willing to try cloth but doesn't have any.

Easy enough right? So go ahead, tell me why you want to win! Already have cloth diaper and bummed you can't enter? Help spread the word. The more people who use cloth the less expensive it'll become (or that's my hypothesis at least.) Tell your skeptic friends about the giveaway!